Induction charging Nuki 3.0 :D

Product name

Nuki 3.0


Induction charging the device.


It is hard to add a cable to the Nuki on the door itself, but next to the door, it would be possible to install an induction charger. As soon as the door is closed and the Nuki 3.0 sits next to the induction charger, it can charge the device, eliminating the need for batteries.

You could even combine the induction charger with the hub and / or opener 2.0 that also supports redirection of the audio of the intercom towards your phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Batteries are bad, really really bad.


It could be an option: Batteries or induction charger.

Sadly I can’t vote for this feature request (it’s stupid to limit the votes so extremely if nearly none of the feature requests get implemented), but I love this idea! Especially for buildings with several / lots of Nuki smartlocks.

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… yes indeed - I will vote in favour for Nuki 3.0 (Option induction charger) :+1:

I agree that batteries are bad. “clever” rechargeable batteries are better.

I don’t agree about the induction solutions: if a cable is put to the door, the cable can be brought to the door hinge, since in both cases a cable needs to be placed.

I would prefer a rechargeable battery back with a USB-inlet that can be charged every 2-6 months by just hanging a powerbank to the door handle over night. Simple. Sure. Easy. And no need to have us buy a new Nuki 3.0
(Because then I can look what the competition is doing too).

(As Nico menetioned: I can’t vote (down) that request neither).

True, you could guide cable to the hinge side of the doors.

But the intercom usually is located at the other side. So when you combine the induction charger with the hub and the opener in one device, it would make sense.

Of course we can now also use rechargeable batteries, but it is not that cool :smiley: I mean, come on, do we really need this? Most of us not, but it is so damn cool to have the door open automatically when you arrive home :smiley: