Individual settings for Fobs

Product name

Nuki Fob/SmartLock


Enable possibility for individual button actions per Fob


You should be able to personalize different Fobs regarding the assigned action(s) to several button events (1x, 2x, 3x).


There are different persons (older, younger etc.) which have difficulties in using nowerdays technics. For these persons I’d like to offer a fob with few functionality and simple use.


My son (7 years old) or my grandfather (very old :wink: ) should be able to open the door by pressing the button once. And not any more functions/features. My wife and me, we want have full control over all features (1x Intelligent, 2x Lock’n’Go, …).
At the moment all Fobs work the same and I see no way to individualize them.

That’s a good idea. Here we have an employee who always gets to the button and thus opens the door. Here it would be good to be able to set his “FOB” so that he has to press twice to open, but the other not.