Incorrect NUKI Opener Bluetooth API documentation


I’ve found two things that are incorrect in the Opener Documentation (Nuki Developers)

  • The service UUIDs prefix is incorrect. All UUIDs are listed as starting with “a92ee”. Correct is “a92ae”
  • The Advanced Config misses a field. The documentations lists first “RTO timeout” followed by “Doorbell suppression”. Something isn’t right here, all entries following RTO timeout are off by one byte. I’ve added an “uint8_t unknown” after RTO timeout, now everything works. Either there’s a field missing in the documentation, or RTO timeout is actually uint16_t. Same applied to the “Set Advanced Config” documentation.

Thanks @technyon for pointing this out. We are going to check the documentation and provide an update.

This friendly reminder that the documentation hasn’t been updated yet.