In iOS allow reordering of controlled opener/smart lock devices

Product name

iOS and watchOS Nuki App


allow reorder of listed devices in iOS Nuki App in the overview and also apply order in watchOS in horizontal scroll


With a growing amount of Nuki devices listed in the overview, it becomes relevant and even necessary for the user to be able to reorder the devices.


I don’t know how many uses cases there are like mine, but surely you will see that they exist and that my request makes sense.
I have 5 devices I control and in the next year it might become many more.
Right now my list is like:

  • Home bottom-door (Nuki Opener),
  • Vacation apartment
  • Home door (Nuki Smart Lock)
  • Vacation apartment
  • Vacation apartment

On WatchOS I’m always scared I might hit open of the door of my vacation apartment because when swiping from bottom-door to home door there’s the vacation door inbetween. Yes, there’s a security feature, but still I’m scared, because of unintended inattentiveness. I want both home devices to be next to each other

And what if the list would be like X-0-0-0-X, would I need to open bottom-door, then swipe swipe swipe, open home door, every time I want to get home ? No !!

And what should a user do, when there are many more devices.
In my case, soon, slowly I will be continuously adding more devices, in multiple houses, often multiple devices per house. It will be very confusing finding the right smart lock in the app, when everything is mixed.
Mostly I’d like to group them, but I think ordering is much easier to achieve for you guys.


I’d like to be able to touch and hold a row to activate the row-drag mode. As soon as it visually pops out I’d like to move my finger to the new position and have the row land there. Alternatively there could be an Edit button that would toggle drag handles. You drag, reorder and then hit toggle button, now called Done.

There is no specific row-drag mode, but you can already drag & drop rows around. The watch app uses the order of main app starting with favourites.

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wow and doh
thank you very much. this is exactly the feature I was looking for