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As a native Spanish speaker I’m often confused by Nuki’s way to express open/closed and locked/unlocked, therefore I use the apps (and web) in English. The issue is mainly due to the confusing and ambiguous way the Spanish language handle this status. “Cerrado” could mean both closed and locked… I know, weird but normally the context makes the message clear in a conversation or text. Not so in the Nuki lock status, whare I see "Bloqueado"and "Desbloqueado"for locked and unlocked. Those words are absolutely unusual and confusing (nobody says in Spanish “bloquea la puerta”).

My suggestion would be to use “Cerrado con llave” for “Locked” and “Sin cerrar con llave” for unlocked. I’m open to explain more in detail this suggestion if required. We LOVE Nuki in Spain and this little things would help a lot with adoption!

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Thanks Guillermo, we’ll look into it!

Speaking of it… what do you think about the wording for the Nuki door sensor states? Are they clear for native Spanish speakers or is there space for improvement?
EN: “Door open” - ES: “Puerta abierta”
EN: “Door closed” - ES: “Puerta cerrada”

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It’s correct and clear.

By the way, I just realized the commands “Lock door” or “Unlock door” should be translated accordingly if you make the changes I suggested for the status.

EN: “Lock” ES:“Cerrar con llave”
EN: "Unlock"ES: “Abrir con llave” or “Desbloquear”

The problem, like always with languages so spread around the world, is that in different Spanish speaking languages the term might be slightly different.

By the way, in my opinion nails this topics (if you don’t have a native speaker at hand"


By the way, “1x prensa” which I suppose it’s for “1x press / 2x press” should be “1 pulsación” / “2 pulsaciones”.

“Prensa” in spanish are the written newspapers :wink:

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