Improve reactivity of Opener and Lock by scheduling or learning form usage

Product name

Opener and Smartlock


Enable to schedule the Bluethooth reactivity in energy management


In power mangement add a schedule option for the fast mode in order to choose when your devices should be more reactive. Even better if the system can learn directly from the usage log and increase the reactivity when it predict it would be used as part of the automatic mode.


I setup ut the reactivity in the energy saving in automatic mode but I experience delay when in smart action or even when I open the app to connect to the device.
It seems it could be solved by increasing the communication rate with the application however this is more power consuming.
Since we are using the devices on a daily pattern, I would like to schedule the reactivity of the devices accordingly.


I can schedule higher reactivity between 6 and 7 pm when I am coming back from work.

In „automatic“ mode the Smart Lock already uses an intelligent adaptation mode based on past usage.

OK I guess thats why the opener I set up recently is not very reactive (yet). It certainly needs a minimum usage to be relevant.