Improve range, speed etc... For Nuki with DC power


My Nuki is used a lot. I’ve wasted many batteries, even the lithium ones were not enough.
The notification for low battery is not reliable as sometimes the door would not open even though the app says the battery is ok. Sometimes there are connection issues, all related to battery problems.

Now all those problems are gone because I connected the Nuki with a DC 6V power supply. I’ve never had any issues anymore!

My question is, now that the Nuki has constant power, can the developers make the Nuki faster, improve it’s range etc.? For example at the battery select screen, add a DC power. (Mine is now using the lithium battery)


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I totally agree.
And also make it switchable between 5V DC and 6V DC (for those using external powerbanks like me)

I have a similar problem. My NUKI has been hanging on the door for about a month now and for the last 2 days the automatic opening has become a torture because I or one of my devices is obviously not recognized.

If you look into the LOG, the message “Battery too low (0x05)” appears. After 4 weeks batteries empty ?!?! - an ecological madness.

If you look at the details of the battery, you will find the following values:

Can one assume that the 1000 values are to be read in mV and mA?

I don’t know if the people at NUKI have taken into account the fact that especially on the (aluminium) outer door a lot of radiation cold hits the lock and thus, among other things, the batteries are put under a lot of stress.

I don’t know how your electronics are designed, but 7.4V LiPo batteries from a Race Drone will easily fit into the battery slot. This should be more beneficial to the whole project from an ecological point of view (rechargeable) as well as from the point of view of lifetime (more mA than a battery) than the annoying battery story.

A note in the margin: I read here again and again from users who have problems understanding the terms.

You are Austrian - right? The term “aufsperren” is, except perhaps still in Bavaria, rather unusual in the rest of the German-speaking countries in relation to opening the door via lock case.

I think you should think of a clearer terminology for the German speaking countries.


You can set the energy saving mode to “fast”, which will keep the BLE advertising at a more aggressive rate. The Smart Lock can not turn faster or increase the reach. Most effective way to make it faster is to reduce how far the motor has to turn by reducing the locking distance or choose 1x locking.

The battery type setting only impacts the low battery notifications. If you’re constantly powered it makes sense to set them to accumulators, which will result in never triggering any notifications.

It might make sense to summarize ideas for a “permanently powered” mode in a separate feature request. The most power hungry functions besides motor movements and BLE advertising & communication are the LEDs and any polling intervals of sensors (hall - position detection, magnet - door sensor).
Long standing discussion. We went with “sperren” (auf-/zu-) because it gives a clearer differentiation between the lock state (= locking/unlocking = aufsperren/zusperren) and the door state (= open/close = öffnen/schließen).

How about the Bluetooth signal from hub to be active all Times and we place it near door so when we come from outside we can connect to hub faster
And increase ble frequency from hub with lock
Option two when you enter the geofencing trigger signal to lock go active mode so it keep scanning actively