Implement Google deep linking for Google Assistant connection

Product name

Smart Phone app/Google integration


Google provide [url=]functionalities[/url to make connection to Google Assistant easyer.


Google provide [url=]functionalities[/url to make connection to Google Assistant easyer.
App discovery looks like implemented, when I installed the app I had the proposition displayed but depp linking is not provided.


With deep linking, the connection to Google Assistant could be made directly using the Nuki app, which would be the simplest way to connect.
Because for example, when 2FA is enabled, if I open Google Authenticator, when switching back to Google Home the page is not displayed anymore. And I have not this behavior with the Nuki app for Android.
Anyway, connecting directly using the app allows to avoid all the steps to add a device, searching for Nuki, authenticating… With Deep Linking a simple button is enough to integrate Nuki to Google Assistant.


When Nuki Web is activated, it could be proposed to connect to Google Assistant.
Or when we enable Nuki Web, after the connection is made the proposition could be made.
In the case of the first solution, activating “Connect to Google Assistant” could display a message to specify we have to connect to Nuki Web before activating Google Assistant.