IFTTT Trigger by user not working

i own the latest Nuki Smartlock 2.0 with the Bridge and 3 people are using the Smartlock Features which work quite well.
Everytime we are nearing the door it unlocks as designed.
Now I connected the NUKI Web account to my IFTTT Pro account. and created some actions in order to disarm my alarm (iSmartalarm) when the door is being unlocked.
When I unlock the door with the Nuki Website or manually press the button in the smartlock IFTTT is being triggered and the alarm will be disarmed.
BUT: when any of the 3 users is nearing the geofence and unlocks the door automatically nothing is shown in the logs in IFTTT and therefore the action is not working.
I tried to configure the action with “anyone” and I created also 3 more actions with the single users (“If user xy unlocks door Home then set system to a mode”).
When I look into the logs, no action from Nuki is there, but when using the manual button or triggered manually by Nuki Web the log is ok and the action is working.
Any ideas?

Which log do you mean Nuki Web, Nuki App or IFTTT?

If you see it in the Nuki App, but not in Nuki Web it’s a sync issue into Nuki Web. The latest Smart Lock beta firmware might help.

If you see it in Nuki Web, but not in IFTTT something with your IFTTT applet is wrong. Try to use the “if somebody comes home” trigger for Auto-Unlock Actions.

I mean the IFTTT-logs. In Nuki Weblogs the entries are there. But they seem not to be transferred to IFTTT, although the connection is there and the manual unlocking action is working. So it seems that some actions are being transferred to IFTTT from Nuki and some are not.
Will try “If anyone arrives home” home as trigger now.

I have the same problem. Did you solve it ?