Ifttt show {name}

I have integrated nuki with ifttt and it works quite well.
I added a notification when a specific person use the lock. But i dont get his name but i get {name} unlocked {{door}} at {{created at}}
How do i change that to show the real data?

Looks like a problem with placeholders in your Applet to me.
I quickly checked with my own IFTTT and could not reproduce the problem.

But make sure you add the ingredients directly so they have the correct format, e.g.

{{Name}} unlocked {{Door}} at {{CreatedAt}}

I experience the same issue with my notifications yet my applet format looks like yours
{{Name}} unlocked {{Door}} at {{CreatedAt}} it’s actually the default one. Any clue ?

Just retested again and worked here for me.

Sometimes it helps with IFTTT to just set up the Applet again and you can try to add the ingredients yourself.
Most likely it is a problem on IFTTT side anyway bc. the Applet would not run, if they would not get a correct response from our server with that data.

I removed the applet and re-added it but the issue is still there. As you said, Nuki is indeed sending the correct data because I can see those data in the IFTTT app but somehow they are not being sent in the notification. Should I contact their support :slight_smile: ?

Yes, i think that could help. Get back to me if you got some helpful feedback there. Hopefully this can be solved together.

@Haboosh @Winz Looks like we could finally nail down the problem some users had with the placeholders by renewing the Applet (though still not sure what exactly caused it):
If you still got issues with IFTTT please check out: https://ifttt.com/applets/xHNGQ4vL-receive-a-notification-when-a-specific-person-unlocks-the-door

If there are other Applets left for you with placeholders not being replaced please get back to me so I can also check them.