IFTTT service ending on October 31st, 2024

This is an announcement for all users who have integrated IFTTT with Nuki. The integration with IFTTT will be discontinued on October 31st, 2024. Until then, all services will be available as usual.

The reason for this is that the most frequently used features on IFTTT are either available directly in the Nuki app, in Nuki Web or via other smart home integrations. Here is an article to help our IFTTT users migrate to other platforms, well ahead of the IFTTT sunset.

Thanks for your understanding.

I am very angry about that!
You want to cut clearly a function that most of the user use to trigger actions to migrante them to other services that has less funcrions!
Me and my collegue have at least 5 Nuki (2 and 3) all integrated with IFTTT, we use them triggering the opening of the door from IFTTT, no pin required, no conversome user adaptation. And now you volountary want to deliberate cut the function (that remember, you sponsor on the ads and on the package of the locks) for?
I don’t want to buy 5 more Nuki 4.0 to use matter, i don’t want to install in each endpoint a mqtt “bridge”.
It’s not acceptable for our use to open Doors with the pin access or entering in another app.
We use it in an integration with other services and is why we bought them
I want to use the product for what I paid for “works with IFTTT”.

Shame on Nuki.


I also received the bad news via mail that support for IFTTT is being discontinued. The fact that many use cases can be mapped in the app is simply not true, so many automations with the Fobs or actions that are executed when closing or opening the door are also lost. You are therefore massively neutering integration into the smart home and so I cannot recommend your product, as support for IFTTT was a major selling point for me! It is very disappointing that only services are being removed everywhere instead of making the products sustainable by supporting services over a longer period of time…

I am very disappointed with Nuki and will probably have to look for a solution that supports IFTTT but I still hope more people will compalain here and Nuki comes to it’s senses and continue IFTTT Support after all!


Hello, I also find it very unfortunate and sad that NUKI is separating from ifttt. I also think it’s wrong to assume that just because the app has a few more functions (which don’t work reliably for me) that everything is good and you can bury the interface.

Personally, I don’t think ifttt is the best system and the pricing model is a different issue, but the interface does what it’s supposed to do.

In Germany, the volunteer fire brigade model is the basis of fire protection in Germany. We volunteers use the resources at our disposal to get to the scene as quickly as possible. I’m targeting NUKI, HUE and IFTTT very strongly here. The alerting of operations takes place here via FF-Agent and the IFTTT integration. This means the alarm goes off, the light turns on, the front door unlocks, the bicycle cellar also unlocks. This saves a lot of time in a time window of 7 minutes from receipt of the alarm to arrival at the scene. If the whole thing happens in the middle of the night and you have to collect yourself a little, this is a very useful helper.

I therefore find the decision very sad and one of the most important points that has kept me at NUKI more or less since the beginning has been eliminated.

Yes, I know the market is very special in the area of fire services or other emergency services, but from my point of view it is a unique selling point in combination with the other NUKI functions.


Thank you for sharing your concerns. We’re sorry to hear that the discontinuation of IFTTT has affected you.

At NUKI, we’re always working to make our devices and support better for our users.
Unfortunately, we had to discontinue IFTTT Integration to maintain our high standards and provide the best overall value to our large and growing community. Therefore we decided to put our focus on key areas.

We know this might be inconvenient for you, and we apologize for any frustration caused.
Thanks for your understanding.

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I cannot understand how Nuki would abandon IFTTT and all of its users.
For me it’s not just about IFTTT as a service with all the definitions, but also about the information that I currently only receive from IFTTT:

  • Device/person has unlocked/locked
  • Device/person unlocked automatically.
  • Missing: Device/Person locked automatically (leaving the geofencing area)

I urgently need this information (device/person) for my SmartHome.

I can’t understand the decision.


This is not a answer.
To be better in your services you cut off other ones?

For my side, i will trow away all the devices and buy competitor one.

Moreover i will ask to consumer association in EU if it possible to make a marketing with “works with IFTTT” and then you cut from your side the integration because, as you explain, you have a lazy team.

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