IFTTT - Nuki Smartlock & Keypad Integration


Is it possible every time somebody locks the door using the Keypad arrow key or Unlocks the door using the code, a trigger is run via IFTTT ?

So its really important only when 2 states are logged

1- EntryCode Unlock (Keypad)
2- Locked (Keypad)

If yes, how can i make it work? I see applets ready for the Auto Unlock feature, but not for when somebody is using the Keypad to unlock/lock the door.

It would be very useful as in keyless airbnb’s the guests uses only the keypad to unlock/lock the apartment, so we could use those trigers to switch on/off connected appliances inside the apartment.

Thank You

PIN codes can be used as user filter for a trigger, yes. The locking with the back key though can currently not be used as such a filter.

@MatthiasK, Thanks for your quick reply.

I’ve seen in IFTTT that you have implemented a similar applet for the “AutoUnlock” function. Don’t know if the principle behind this applet is to “check” the Activity Log state and depending on the “message” you fire the trigger.

In this case what sounds like a solution to me is that i want to be able to fire a trigger every time a specific message & smartlock state is recorded in the Activity Log of the Smartlock at that time.

1- If Nuki State [unlocked] & Message [Keypad] Then [Turn On Philiphs Hue Lights]
2- If Nuki State [locked] & Message [Keypad] Then [Turn Off Philips Hue lights]

Is there a way to use Activity Log States for firing Triggers in IFTTT ?

Thank you

Hi, have you figured it out? I would like to do some specific actions in Home Assistant when somebody lock the house using keypad - shut the music off, shut all lights off. And when somebody with keypad opens the house I would like to switch the light on.