IFTTT notifications not working

I have a Nuki 2.0 system and although I activated Nuki web account and enabled IFTTT channel, I have never received a notification though IFTTT. I asked to be notified when anyone unlocks the door, to no avail.
I use iphone Xs.
Any ideas?

Do you see something in your IFTTT activity feed? (https://ifttt.com/activity)

If you send us your Applet ID we can also check the IFTTT error logs if we see something there.

There has also been a problem with refresh tokens on IFTTTs side in december, but if you (re-)activated the connection later, this shouldn’t cause your issue.

The phone you use should make no difference.

EDIT: Just saw that your Applet was created on Dec 22, 2018 so it may really be worth a try to disconnect and reconnt the Nuki channel in IFTTT and set up new Applets, if all other things fail.

Thanks the reply.
No activity in the feed.
I disconnected & reconnected the Nuki channel and will test again.

Hi. I confirm that it now works fine. Thanks

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Hi my notifications is also not working
Where do I check that notifications,
Used test button in google forms, says notifications sent but didn’t receive any notifications

Here is my applet I’d “Customer”