IFTTT integration sometime doesn't work (smartlock 2.0)

Hi to all,
Sometimes i encounter a problem with some action that I made in IFTTT.
I use 3 “commands”: open, unlock and lock each of them in two version: one triggered by voice with google assistant and one triggered by a webhooks.
The actions works almost always with te the penultimate FW of smartlock, but with the latest 2.7.20 sometimes the “open” and “unlock” command made by voice is not working.
On IFTTT tha applet is conducted with no error, and on nuki register of activity there are no “nuki web (IFTTT)” action. Bridge is 1 meter away from nuki smartlock, so i think that there are no connection problem. Untill the FW upgrade the missing of an action if very rare.

Can you send me your Applet version IDs via PM? We are able to check the last 48 hours of IFTTT logs to maybe see the cause.

I’ve sended the id some days ago. Any news about the problem?

Sorry, I missed this replay.
Just checked the PM again: You didn’t answer my additional questions yet?

There are no additional question in your reply…i only send the APPLET ID.
Yesterday and this morning the integration didn’t function for 3 times

I will answer the PM again and try to be clearer.

Replied to your PM