IFTTT "Door locked" API performance

Hello, I have two IFTTT applets that triggers when my Nuki 3.0 lock is locked and unlocked. The one that triggers when my lock is unlocked works perfectly, but the applet using the “Door locked” trigger fails almost every time. I reached out to IFTTT and they pointed out that according to their API health data, the delay on the “Door locked” trigger is much longer than for the other triggers. IFTTT support believes that this could be causing the problems I’m having.
Can you kindly look into this and see why I’m having issues with my applet using the “Door locked” trigger?
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi Kim,

It looks there is a delay. We must investigate further to understand why. Approximately how long does it take for “Door locked” trigger to work for you?

Thank you for following up on this. Usually it seems to never trigger. If I lock the door when I go out, it rarely triggers, even if I’m out for hours. What often happens, it seems, is that when I do unlock the door again, that seems to trigger both the unlock and the earlier lock trigger. Please let me know if you need any further information.

We will look into this issue and circle back if we need any info. Thanks!

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Do you have any update on this issue yet? According to the IFTTT data, trigger performance for “Door locked” is still very slow. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Kim, thanks for following up. We will investigate this issue as soon as possible and revert. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi Kim,

We tried to reproduce it and “Door locked” trigger works without any delay for us. Hence, we would need your SL ID to debug this further. Could you please DM me your SL ID? (Do not post it publicly).
Also, could you please let me know what triggers you used, and in what order?


Hello Poonam,

Thank you for following up on this. I will DM you the ID. Kindly also refer to the Health data from IFTTT, which shows a very long delay for the “Door locked” trigger: Nuki Smart Lock API health and performance

I use only the “Door locked” and “Door unlocked” triggers. The “Door unlocked” trigger works every time and runs the IFTTT applet without any problems. The “Door locked” trigger almost never works. However, it does seem that it sometimes triggers the IFTTT applet much later, when I unlock the door again, resulting in both the applets running almost simultaneously.

Please let me know if I can be at any further assitance in solving this problem. Thank you :slight_smile: