IFTTT and Keypad 2.0

I just replaced my keypad with keypad 2.0, and I can’t get IFTTT to work. I have an applet set up that unlocks/opens the Opener when Smart Lock (3.0) is locked via keypad (I do this by pressing the triangle button).

Whatever I do, I can’t get this to work now with Keypad 2.0 set up as the keypad for the smart lock. I tried refreshing, and deleting and re-adding Nuki Service in hopes that it would refresh some IFTTT cache, but nothing happens when I lock the door. I tested some other triggers like if a specific user locks it (I did it from the app) and it worked.

Is this supposed to work at all? Or is the keypad 2.0 not supported? I know I could set up locking with fingerprint, but I really don’t want to. I want mi finger to exclusively unlock, and it’s also nice to have anyone be able to lock with the triangle button.

Update: It seems this is an error in migration. I repaired with the old keypad, and I still can’t get the applet to work. It simply does not trigger. I see a ‘Nuki Keypad’ listed among ‘Permission - Users’ section of Nuki Web, but if I try to delete it or deactivate it I get an ‘Error: Deleting authorization failed’ message.

It looks like this is some error in migration, where user config is left in an inconsistent state. When I take a look at all the log events in Nuki Web, it shows all of the keypad events, but if I filter by user and select ‘Nuki Keypad’ it just shows the ones until the moment Keypad 1.0 was replaced, and later events by either Keypad 1.0 or 2.0 are not shown.

I guess I’m off to contact support.

Hi Matija,

We tested this particular scenario where unlock SL via KP2 back button opens the Opener and it works. It could be an issue related to your Keypad 2.0. Hope you already reached out to Customer Support as they could help out the best in this case.