Identify TCS device, possible Koch twin?

Hi there,

after moving to another apartment with a TCS system, I have found that these devices are not (anymore) natively supported by Nuki. There are some reports here on the forum of people who still use Nuki Opener with TCS using “Generic” or “Koch” profiles. However, my device does not seem to be identical to the ones I have found so for on the forums.

Does anyone possibly identify the TCS device, and maybe even have a hint how to deal with it? It says “TELS-00” and “REV 2.0”, but I do not find anything like that online.

Thank you all!

Is it supposed to be a smart building(because I can see all the wires that are not connected) Judging from the image it is probably an older version of a TCS system and that is why you cannot find anything online about it. I was looking and there are addons for a TCS intercom that would probably make nuki opener work.
However this is beyond my technical expertise… as I am just starting to learn about TCS systems
You could ask your building manager if you can update to a newer version of the intercom, say it broke or something if that’s possible