iBeacon support for auto-open with Nuki Opener

Product name

Nuki Npener


Support an iBeacon so the Opener unlocks the door on arrival


auto-unlock the door after recognizing a pre defined iBeacon


Auto-unlock the front door on arrival


Place the iBeacon in the Mailbox, which is usually located near the front door, and on arrival auto-open the door. Comparable to the already existing auto-unlock feature.

iBeacons can easily be cloned. They should not be used for security applications.

iBeacons are usually (at least on iOS) configured additionally to a GPS fence -> the unlock would only trigger if you entered the GPS area around your front door within a few minutes before your phone detected the beacon.

I’ve experimented a bit with the “link desk room locator” (through apple home kit and/or ifttt) but the latency is too big, it’s too unreliable and I gave up. . . .
Another solution could be something like a 2nd “access point” for the FOB at the front door?

iBeacons can be a bit tricky regarding latency. If I read the docs correctly, iOS increases it’s polling frequency depending on the configured GPS fence. I actually also played around with Link Desk Room locator, and I saw some similar latency issue you saw. When just looking at raw detection within iOS using a different app, the latency was WAY better.
-> I think the Link Desk implementation might have fucked up the gps fence or something similar and I don’t think it should be an unsolvable problem for Nuki.
Additionally, looking at the UWB radio in last year’s iPhone + the Corona exposure notification, my guess is that Apple will improve their iBeacon API and general functionality a lot in the near future.