I have got a comelit 2608 and it drives me crazy

I am trying to connect my comelit 2608 for three days now and i,m getting really frustrated. is there anyone who can explain to me how to do it .
i,m not a technical guy and most of the threads are to complicated for me to follow.

Hello! Please post a photo of the momentane wiring!

type or paste code here

I have tried a lot of different configs but nothing works

Hi @Lloyd_Huyshest, did you get it working? I can’t get it to work on my comelit 2608 either, and my original wiring is the same as yours. On the top left red button thing though, only “2” is flicked on mine, and I see 1-3 are for yours.

Hi! Is the bell external, or from where comes the ring sound!?

I still after all this time cant get it to function
Device might be working but support is poorly executed

Hi! When you let me know from where the ring sound comes when someone rings (external bell or intercom speaker), then maybe I can help you!?

I have the same Comelit and the same problem!

Everything works fine for me (except for ring suppression).
I just followed the installation steps in the app.
Small issue: I had to retry 3 times for the app to detect the “open” button during setup.