I get disconnected from Nuki lock after 10 seconds


I’m using Ubuntu distribution and QT Ble API to communicate with the Nuki lock everything is working well i can send commands and receive responses correctly, but if I remain inactive for 10 seconds i receive a disconnect signal, so i wanted to know if there is any “I’m alive” packet that should be sent to the nuki lock in order to maintain connection?

It is recommended to disconnect from the Smart Lock as soon as your command is complete. Otherwise the Smart Lock disconnects a client after 10s. You can not and should not stay connected for a longer time as this will drain the batteries of the Smart Lock.

Hi Jürgen

Thank you for your response, but when using the nuki Android app there is no client disconnection after 10s if i do not disconnect manually the connection remains established why is that, or is just hidden ?


The apps disconnect as soon as they can and do not stay connected, but they poll the state every 20s or so as long as they are in the foreground. However you can not simply poll the state every 20s over a longer period of time as this will drain the batteries too.