HTTP API callback and basic auth

Hi all,

on my local smart home server a simple http basic auth is required. For any reason the nuki callback won’t work if basic auth is enabled on my server. Without basic auth everything is working fine.

I add the callback url to the nuki bridge escaped and with the following scheme:

Does anybody know what could be wrong here?

Thank you in advance!

I wrote this workaround to get the callback running:

Still wondering, if I did something wrong or if Nuki’s callback does not support basic auth.

Implementing basic auth alone wouldn’t do any good since the callback doesn’t support https according to the api documentation.


Hi Patrick,

thank you for your response. So to get you right, basic auth is not supported?


That’s what I would assume based on your observations and the lack of any hint to authentication in the API documentation. But to be sure, a NUKI employee will have to answer.


from what I understood, the basic auth want to go to an http server (anyway, I’m searching a way for basic auth to an http server)

npbpdy have a suggestion to do ?