HTS 711-0 Ring suppression

I am using my Nuki Opener with our HTS 711-0 since well over a year now and everything works except for the ring suppression. As it wasn’t really needed, I ignored it mostly. But now that our newborn has arrived, I would really love to suppress the obnoxious loud bell… Sadly I cannot really find anything about people using the opener with a HTS 711-0. It seems like it’s a bus system, so I guess the Nuki Opener doesn’t detect the signal right to not let it pass to the phone?

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi! Do you have a external bell, or from where comes the ring sound, when someone rings!?

The HTS-711-0 itself rings via the phone speaker.

Please make a Foto of the momentane wiring of the intercom.


After wiring the Opener:

I hope one can see everything.

Hi! Wiring looks good! Is the intercom in the compatibility list, or have you set it up as generic bus!?

It’s listed in the installation guide.

Then if you followed the wiring (and it looks right), it should work!? Have you no ring functions at all, or just no suppression?

Just no suppression. Everything else works.

Oh ok! Then please try this, take the red wire out of the clamp and try the suppression, if something is not right then, put it back, and put the orange wire out of the intercom, and try again! Let me know the results!