How to wire opener to Kanrich intercom

Hi, my condo uses an Kanrich PH-855M intercom, i would like to know how to wire the opener to it

Any news from nuki ? is it possible to install ? just waiting for the reply to buy my opener

Try this: Howto connect the Nuki Opener to unknown intercom systems

the wires are different from the ones on generic intercom, so i have no clue in how to wire the opener

Have the same device. Any tip on how to connect?

Same device here. Any tip on how to connect?

Hi @Rose_Languste,
Can you give some tips on this project?
First, are we dealing with an analog or hybrid system?
I’m trying with the generic analog configuration
I’ve tried all combinations of exposed cables (2nd photo of @rcmoraes), but I didn’t get any results :frowning:
Now I went to the next step, which was to open the intercom and call directly inside.
I have already detected the 2 wires that open the door (Yellow and Blue on the secondary board). I’ve tried connecting the Blue of the Opener to each of them with the Purple connected to the Brown on the outside (marked as GND), but I can’t get the door to open. I’m out of ideas :frowning:

Folliwing this, could have it open to door. Ringing still not working (as I would expect as analog would not work for a coded setup).