How to usw calling url?

Hello everyone,
a long time ago I created a macro using thr app Macdorid and a webhook from ifttt to activate the opener when pressing the volume button. ifttt wants to have money for this Service.
I managed to open the opener via Swagger but the calling url doesn’t work? If I understood correctly, I had to add my “authorization” to the URL? Unfortunately I don’t know which authorization (Api) and how?

Hi Goran,

The Nuki Web API can be found under the calling URL

In order to make an API call from the Swagger interface, first authorize it with a client_id (i.e. client_id = OAuth2 API Key from your Nuki Web > Menu > API). Select the scopes that you would like to, and authorize.

Once it is authorized, you can try out any endpoint.

NOTE: Advanced API endpoints can only be used if you have an Advanced API request approved.