How to use the RBOY smartapps with the software bridge

i bought this smartapps to manage the lock with my galaxy watch and integrate in the smartThing application on my smartphone

here is the exchange of info. Could you help me to solve the issue as the Smartapps need to work with an Hardware bridge.

Hi Yves,

I have forwarded your request to our partners team to discuss with Nuki as any new features have to be approved by Nuki. As per our agreement with Nuki we are required to do auto discovery for tokens and IP addresses. Nuki is supporting and endorsing our development with SmartThings because they want a solution which avoids any manual inputs.

The software bridge as we understand is primarily a debugging tool for developers.



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OK I understand but the question is: How can we by pass the autodiscovery process that takes place once only to provide an API Token and IP address.

Could you forward to the development team?



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Hi Yves,

This Nuki integration requires the use of a hardware bridge, you need a lock bridge combo which can be purchased at the link provided provided on the community forum page.

The software bridge does not support auto discovery and other features of a hardware bridge.



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I bought the package and I tried to install the package as described in the installation guide.

I managed to create the device handler and the smart apps on my location

But on step 17 when I start the smart apps on my smartphone, the bridge can’t be found… My bridge is a software bridge installed on an android devices and supported by Nuki. But I don’t have the possibility to push a button on the bridge as the bridge is already connected. The bridge is ok as I can access via the nuki app to my nuki lock from anywhere in the world.

That means that the smartapps can’t get a token from the bridge on the network. Is there a mean to force the smart apps to get linked to this software bridge and get a token ?

Thanks for support.


  1. It will start scanning your network for Nuki bridges and once discovered it will display them on the screen. For the discovery to work your bridge and smartthings hub need to be on the same network.

  2. Follow the instructions on the screen and press the button on the bridge when the LED glows.

  3. After a few seconds you should see any new Nuki locks discovered and ready to installation. If you don’t see your locks show up go back to Step 18.

EDIT: Sorry, just noticed that you asked for the software bridge. The integration was not tested with the software bridge. I will have to take a look into it before I can tell if there is anything which can be done about it.