How to turn off RING TO OPEN

I have a well-functioning NUKI LOCK, it opens when I approach the door. Nuki FOB also works well for me on the door of the apartment and through the OPENER at the door of the house. I have a bit of a problem with the Opener, when approaching the house (if it is on the BLE signal) offers RING TO OPEN. But I don’t want to ring, I want the house door to open. I don’t know if it’s that I installed the intercom and chose the bell connection during the installation? In the expert settings, I have everything set to default. I have never activated RING TO OPEN in the settings. So please advise how to set the opener so that it does not offer RING TO OPEN and when establishing contact between BLE and the phone, the door opened for me.

Thanks for the advice, Tibor

This is the default behavior for Auto Unlock with the Opener. If you want to have BLE unlocking you have to change the Auto Unlock expert settings and change the “enter geofence” action to none and “Opener found” to “open”.

Thank you Jürgen,

I’ll try it as soon as I go home.


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Greetings Jürgen, I set the OPENER as you wrote, but if I approach the house, I get a message. “You’re near the Nuki door house, do you want to open it?”, However, I have to confirm on the phone and click open the door and it’s not very convenient. Is it possible that I will have to set something else?
I enclose the quality of the BLE signal and the message (in Czech)
Thank you Tibor
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What you get is a Smart Notification. If you turn off Smart Notifications you won’t get them anymore.
Independent from this there should be Auto-Unlock unlocking the Opener IF you have the right expert settings and if it is found by the Smartphone via Bluetooth. Maybe your Opener is too far away from the door for this to work.

Thank you, Jügen, I turned off OPENER Smart Notification, I’ll try again tonight and let you know.

The BLE signal is perfect, in green.


on your recommendation I turned off the Notification, and when I approached the house I was within reach of the BLE door through the OPENER did not open.
So if there is a possibility for OPENER to open the front door (of course, if I am within range of the BLE), as NUKI LOCK will open them without any problems, I would be satisfied.

As I wrote, I don’t know if it is necessary to connect a bell when installing the Intercom (VIDEX 3101)?

If I follow the IOS APP setting off OPENER, then I don’t have to turn on Auto Unlock in the Smart Action Center, because it requires ringing. In the expert settings as per your advice: Exit the geo zone “no action” default setting, Enter the geo zone “no action” default setting, Opener found “Open” Opener not found “no action” default setting.

In the next setting, opening time 10 sec, Opening delay 0 sec, Ring to open: Deactivate “Ring to open” for the default 5 min. Deactivate “Ring to open” off. Bluetooth pairing on. Pressing the Opener button both disabled. Sound suppression: all off, Opener sound: all off, Confirmation sounds Opener on for max.
NUKI Fob 1 press - Open, 2x and 3x no action.
I emphasize that in front of the house I have a BLE connection green (see attachment).

I want to ask if the Opener can open the door without using “Ring to open” if I get into the BLE signal? And if I have everything set up well or if you are considering and upgrading in an IOS application where it would be possible to set OPENER to open without Ring To Open

Thank you Tibor

Ich werde wahrscheinlich einen NUKI FOB an einer Schnur um den Hals tragen, es ist der einfachste Bereich im BLE-Bereich, Opener-Steuerung :frowning:
Danke sehr