How to stop locking after Auto-Unlock?

Hi all,

hello - I am new here and I am not sure if this forum is the right place to post a (simple) users question.
I am using Nuki Smart Lock App 2022.7.1 on IOS 15.6., Firmware was updated recently.

When arriving at my locked door, auto-unlock activated, usually the Nuki is opening the door as it should. After that however it completely locks the door again, while it should only close it. This behavior is independent of the software switch ‘Close after Unlock’ (=nach Auto Unlock zusperren).
The description might be not completely accurate, as I am using the german version of the software with of course german wording.

Any idea what I could change such that the door will only be closed, but not locked again? Believe that the mentioned software switch should have exactly this functionality, but for me it does not work…


No it’s not. There is a (german speaking) facebook group of Nuki (super) users, which is happy to answer questions like yours. → Search for “Nuki smarthome Gruppe”

The Nuki support can also help. I guess in your case they would tell you to look in the activity log (Protokoll) of the Smart Lock. Every lock action is mentioned there. When the door is locked after auto-unlock there will be an entry that says who locked it and why.

Thank you!

Hi Damian,
did you find a solution there? If so, can you send me a PN with some details?
(I don’t have Facebook and will not join it just for Nuki. It is a pity that there is no freely accessible forum)

Thanks, Thomas