How to send code invitation like a service?

I’ve tested the PUT [/smartlock/{smartlockId}/auth] endpoint but it doesn’t allow for an email to be sent with the same format like the ones use by services like airbnb and smoobu.

How can I trigger an email like that?

here what I mean:

With this endpoint you can only trigger Nuka default invite email.

You alternative - if you won’t/can’t use one of our existing Shortv Rental integrations - would be to use
PUT /smartlock/auth/advanced
to receive the invite code to use in you own email templates/service.

Note that you need to apply for advanced API access for that first (through Nuki Web API page).

Hi Stefan

Thanks for your prompt response and proposed solution.
Do you have a list of current existing short rental services integrations?

Best regards
Vladimir K.


We currently have direct integrations in Nuki Web with

  • Airbnb
  • BookingSync
  • Smoobu
  • Guesty
  • Octorate

And there are also software vendors with integration into Nuki on there side like e.g. Operto, Beds24, CheKin.

Awesome here is the page to apply for it Short Term Rental - API - Nuki