How to erase everthing from my phone

After hours of unsuccesfull experimenting, I want to erase everything from my phone and start all over.
I have already tried: resetting bridge to factory settings and deleting the smart lock from the Nuki App. I also deleted the app from my phone and restarted my phone and reinstalled the nuki app. But even after all this, I notice that Nuki still remembers the name (I think I gave it at my very first attempt to get things working). I am dutch so I called my Smart lock: Voordeur. At that time my phone was activated in the Dutch language. I order to see if my phone language was the cause of all the problems I swithced my phone language to English. If the name is a default given by the Nuki app, is now should name in front-door. But it still shows: Voordeur. I therefore think that my phone still remembers things I want it to forget.

How, other than reformatting my entire phone, can I manaege that?

Deleting the Smart Lock from the App is not the same as factory resetting it.
Most likely you did not reset the Smart Lock to factory and the name comes from there.
Try resetting the Smart Lock through the app menu > Help section.

Thank you Jurgen! This finaly solved the problem! I can now connect my phone to the bridge and the bridge with the smart-lock, all with use of the Nuki app!


Thank you!

Next problem… How to activate the Nuki Web?

I have found the option Activate Nuki Web and when I press that is see a message that says: To activate Nuki web you need a Nuki Bridge. Below that message I see a button Activate now, but this button is grayed out…
In other words the Bridge is still not operating as it should.

This is a very buggy device… Very disappointing!

When I check the Connection Status of the Smart Lock, I see a green line between Server and Smartphone, A yellow line between the smart phone and the Smart lock and a dotted line between the Smart-lock and the bridge. Also a dotted line between the Bridge and the server.

I am not sure how to interpret this but I think this also confirms that something is still not correct.


How should you exit this last page? Selecting the yellow check mark at the right top will reboot the bridge (and lose all the attached locks…)

Pressing the bottom back icon does the same: reboot bridge.

Closing the App (using the standard close all functionality from the smartphone) and restarting the app, then checking to see if the Bridge is connected to the Smart lock, shows that there is no connection…

It is really impossible to get the smart lock and bridge working!!!

Please help!

I answerd this on your other topic where you posted the same question.

After experiencing a day off ‘offline’ status, and after taking out the batteries and unplugging the bridge. I thought that factory resetting everything might solve the problem…

Not so! I now cannot even get my Smart Lock to be seen by the Nuki App on my phone!

After reapplying the batteries (the lock starts doing some initial calibrating?) , I want to follow the instructions on my phone: Hold down the Button on your Nuki Smart Lock for at least 5 seconds until the LED ring is constantly glowing…

Shortly after pressing the button, the ring starts to blink. After 40 seconds the blinking stops and does not light up again. I cannot get it to ‘constantly glow’. I have tried this several times. I cannot get the lock to be seen by my phone and therefore cannot get to the option to factory reset.

I have also replaced the batteries with new ones (the 'old’ones were only a few days old) and tried again. Still no change. I still cannot get the Smart Lock to be setup.

This really sucks…

Wasted yet again two hours and it still is not working.

After replacing batteries the Smart Lock always checks for positions (as it would not have noticed changes while not powered).

Strange, I could not say what it signals from your description. (see for all the LED signaling)

Please contact our support at or via phone for more direct help on your issue; maybe a replacement is needed and they can take you through all steps to check.

Thank you Stephan. I am planning to calling them at 9:00.