How to disable the blinking led when charging?

My Nuki v3 Pro is always connected to a charger. Whenever the door is open it blinks because it is charging the battery with the used power.

Is there a way to disable this blinking as I never need it? (I have an alert of low battery in Home Assistant in case there is something wrong)

No, the charging indicator of the PowerPack is hardcoded and can not be changed.

Thank you for the answer. Would there be a way to propose an enhancement to allow for it to be disabled?
Nuki suggests connecting the power pack to a fixed source of power so I belive more people would benefit from this.

Sure. You can always add a feature request and start collecting votes for it.

A piece of tape might be a practical, short-term solution to your problem. :wink:

Thanks, will do!

I obviously do not take enough into consideration the non-software solutions. Short-term solution it is :slight_smile:

Why have you hardcoded this option?

As you can see from the linked pictures below, my Nuki Smart Lock Pro 4th gen. is on continuous power and the blinking is really annoying and not aligned with any best practice. It’s I believe also impacting a bit the image of a “Pro” product.

Thank you very much in advance for your response!

Best regards,

Nicolas Gabriel-Robez
CIO at BICO Group

Here’s how I have solved this problem for now :wink: see linked picture and video:


The PowerPack is blinking while charging and stops blinking after charging is complete. If you have it permanently connected it will start to recharge once the battery percentage drops below ~75% (Link), which should take >1 month to get there. i.e. it should only blink for ~2h every month and not all the time.

If yours does not stop blinking, please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

I came back today, opened the door with a key and when closing the door I noticed the blinking (which went on for probably some 10 minutes, I did not watch that long). I tried to check the battery level at that moment but instead of a percentage it was something like “retrieving” (or maybe something with “charging”).

The level is now 100%, yesterday it was at 100% as well. The lock works well and is 3 months old.