How to connect & communicate with Nuki Smart Lock & Bridge API's via a web app?


My team and I are attempting to connect to our Nuki Smart Lock through a Flask Web App we are currently developing. We are hoping to be able to get the Smart Lock status as well as add Post requests to lock and unlock the lock from our Flask Web App.

We are brand new to the world of API keys and a lot of the documentation we have gone through is a bit difficult to understand. So far, we believe that in order to connect to the Smart Lock from our Flask Web App we need the Nuki Bridge which we have obtained as well.

Essentially we are hoping for a bit of guidance or a point in the right direction to be successful in our project goal!


The Bridge API is used for commands in the local network.

In your Flask Web App you would normally use the Web API. I am not familiar with Flask in detail, but most propably looking at and reproducing those requests with the help of the Python request library should be a good point for you to start.

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