How to attach CES green adapter to cylinder

I have a CES cylinder with knob. The shaft measures 10mm like on the web page. There is a threaded hex head set screw to hold it in place. The green adapter fits on the shaft. Without the screw it just turns over the shaft.

The green adapter has 6 holes of different sizes. None of the holes are threaded. The original screw will not fit into any of the holes.

I have messaged Nuki support to no avail. All of the responses from 3 diffent people say they never have seen an adapter personally or used one on any cylinder. They said to replace cylinder with a key on the inside. It makes no sense to me. Why have colorful adapters that don’t work?


Can you upload a picture of your cylinder?

Usually CES cylinders look like this:

Here are images. There is a screw that threads thru the knob and sits in the depression on the shaft. There are no threads on the green adapter to screw this set screw in.

This certainly looks different than the CES cylinder on the picture i posted.
Looks like it is not compatible with the existing adapter unless you trill a whole into it on your own. If the diameter of the shaft is just 9.5mm, the Mauer adapter could be a better match.

The photo you posted is blurry. It looks like it has a threaded screw going thru the white adapter. Is that the case? Is it just pushed thru a hole or screwed in?

My cylinder is from our original doors in 1994. It is a CES cylinder.

It’s pushed through and not 30 years old … Maybe CES changed the type of fixation they are using inbetween.