How does the connection work?


I have a question about the connection between Nuki and the phone.

When I pair the device with my phone I create an admin user that communicates via an encrypted connection (full access, admin privileges) between my phone and the Nuki. Right?

If I pair my HomePod / Homekit system, will it create another encrypted connection? (Without Admin rights)

[[[If this is the case, in my opinion it is safer to use the device with a Homekit connection for daily use, so assuming they (hack) intercept the Bluetooth connection they will not have admin access to the device.]]]

No. Admin priviliges are not associated with a user. All Admin commands require an Admin PIN, therefore everyone who knows the Admin PIN can send such commands. Inversely, if you do not know the Admin PIN you can not send them.

HomeKit is limited to a certain set of functionalities (lock, unlock, read lock state, read battery state). None of these functions require admin access (PIN). The HomeKit protocol is not the same as the Nuki protocol, therefore it can not send other commands than the ones mentioned above.