How can I have notification on my iphone with NUKI OPENER?

Dear all,
since I already emailed the customer office of Nuki, but I never got an answer. So I would like to ask for some information here, hoping to find someone who can help me.
I bought this intercom on the video, when someone rings the doorbell, I saw that it has a notification on the smart watch of the lady who is running. Now I can open the door with my iphone when myself get into my home, but is that possible to have the notification on my iphone when someone else rings the doorbell? how can I set up on my iphone (I’m using an iphone xs).
Thank you very much in advance.

I asm using Android and would like to know that too. I asked the support and they told me I could set it up in the app but I can’t really do it.

You need to activate Nuki Web once and then you can set your choice in Administration => “Benachrichtigungen verwalten”

Not sure this is possible… I get a notification when someone rings the buzzer but to let them in would require me to then change it to “Ring to open” and ask them to buzz in again. Which isn’t going to happen when you have no way of communicating with the delivery man outside your apartment entrance.