How calculate the Firmware Version of a Smartlock

How can i calculate the Firmware (example: 132884) to 2.7.20 ?

We take the hexadezimal value 020720 as representation for the Firmware version 2.7.20 and convert it to base 10. So 2.7.20 will be shown as 132896

132884 from your example is converted to the hexidezimal 020714 and so represents the FW version 2.7.14.

Then you have a “bug” in your firmware.
I have all locks updated to 2.7.20 and it is showing in the app.
And this is the value I get from the webapi.
This lock was never run beta. So 2.7.14 should never displayed

with new Beta the Web API Version goes up to 2.7.15 (132885). APP and Bridge API shows 2.7.21

15 in Hex = 21 in Dec

Ahhhhh :slight_smile: thanks did not thought decode it again. so stephan was wrong above :slight_smile: told me that i have 2.7.14 :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot to transform that part back! :grinning:

jeep, now it is working ! thanks for your help.

case closed :slight_smile: