Hostaway Integration


we’re using Hostaway as Managmentplatform and would like to integrate with Nuki.

Is it possible to automatically generate expiring codes after a reservation has been confirmed so that Hostaway pulls the code and sends a welcome instruction message automatically?


Any updates??? @MatthiasK

Hi @Chris11,

sorry for the delay. Added in @poonam.chavan to follow-up here.

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the late response.
Yes, you could use the advanced API and register your webhooks to automatically generate codes (with time restriction) once the reservations are confirmed. With the Advanced API, you can use endpoints which return webhooks for asynchronous processes. When a booking is made (or updated), a webhook is triggered, which can be used to create (or update) authorisations on the Smart Lock.

You can refer to the endpoints here:

You could validate the creation of codes through GET /smartlock/auth or GET /smartlock/{smartlockId}/auth and use this to send across a welcome message to your guests.

Here is the documentation for your reference: Nuki Developers

Well…after 14 days we chose not to go ahead with NUKI