Hospitable integration

Until today, I used NUKI to send the PIN codes to my Airbnb guests. Today, I integrated my PMS (Hospitable) with NUKI, and I would like to be sure guests will receive only one PIN code from the PMS.
Should I do something? In the STR>smartlock>Settings>Settings>Recipiant of the invitation - there are only two options 1. Me and my guest (Airbnb app), 2. Only me (email)

Hello Vlado,

If you have integrated your PMS with Nuki, are you still connecting to the Airbnb service from Nuki Web? If yes, we will send the keys to your guests.

I’m not very clear as to why you would like to use both Airbnb integration from Nuki Web, and your PMS. But if you would like the Airbnb integration on Nuki Web not to send out the keys, then you can use the setting “Only me (email)” for “Recipient of the invitation” so that your guests and you wouldn’t receive the codes on Airbnb messaging app but you should still be able to get it on your email. Please check with your PMS before you make this change. Thanks.