Horror Sound in new opener firmware 1.4.4

The sound in the new firmware is horrible. sounds very distorted.

I get the same with 1.4.4, extremely distorted sound no matter the volume. Fermax 3399.

Same here with official 1.4.4
So it’s not only in the latest beta firmware

Unfortunately the confirmation sounds on button press are currently distorted. We are aware of this problem and we are working on a fix.

Hi @Team,
the horrible sounds are still present.
Using the Opener as a doorbell is really a pain and not worth the money i paid for the system :persevere:

Are there any news when this issue will be fixed??

For me in the new firmware it’s ok now. The new firmware is 1.4.5, are you sure yours is updated?.

My Opener is running on 1.4.4 still and it says it’s the latest version.

The beta status in opener is only availible in a short time to avoid spoiling a good configuration, so you have to ask for beta program to be inclued again.

I have tried it many times in the last weeks to update the firmware to finally get rid of the sounds.
But unfortunately there is no update available after 1.4.4 neither with the official app version nor with the testflight app installed.

Sorry but its not enough that you have the app beta, its necessary to be inclued in the beta opener program or the update dont be availible.

Nuki Opener FW 1.4.5 beta release 10.06.2020

  • Improved doorbell recognition for digital intercoms
  • Adapted Advertising Intervals to improve Auto Unlock behavior with Android phones
  • Sound improvements
  • Minor bugfixes

Thanks for the hint.
A reference to the new firmware from the team here directly in the open thread about this issue would have been great.
But anyway fingers crossed the process of adding the Opener ID to the beta program doesn‘t take too long :crossed_fingers:

Are you talking about this horrible sound ?


Hi, i just recieved a new nuki 2.0.
Same problem with the new one.
I am asking if it is not a software problem. The problem seems to be just when it release the sorrow. I am also asking if the lock optimized is not the problem.