Homescreen toggle or quick access for enabling and disabling continuous mode on Nuki opener

Product name

Nuki Opener


A way to make it possible to quickly select continuous mode on a phone without having to go through many menus in the Nuki app.


Either a shortcut to the continuous mode selection option or a widget toggle to enable/disable continuous mode from a homescreen - similar to the open door option in the Smart Lock and Opener.


On my andriod phone, if I want to enable continuous mode (ring to open) on the Nuki opener I need to load the app, select the opener and then navigate thorough many screens. This is time consuming for an action I perform a lot. For example I select continuous mode when the tracking of a parcel shows it should be delivered soon and disable it when the parcel has been delivered. I do this several times a week.


How would you like to use this feature?

When I see that a parcel is scheduled to be delivered I can quickly toggle continuous mode on and then off again.

When I expect visitors I can visitors or a cleaner I can quickly enable and then disable continuous mode.