HomeKit: unlock already unlocked lock with knob – behaviour changed?

Hi, has there been any changes in Firmware 2.7.20 in regard to unlocking an already unlocked Smart Lock with a knob configuration?
Up until the recently when my lock was unlocked and I told Siri to unlock my door lock, the latch would get pulled so I could get through the door.
This was really useful with my HomeKit automation scene activating when anybody gets home and for example my wife is already home. In this case the door would be closed but the lock would not be locked during the day and I could still just confirm the automation (I don’t use Nuki Auto unlock but solely HomeKit).
Today Siri would just tell me that the lock is already unlocked but not pull the latch so I had to open the Nuki App to actually open the door.
Has this behaviour been changed in the latest firmware? There is nothing about this in the changelogs and there is no configuration for selecting a behaviour in this case for HomeKit either, so it’s weird that my automations don’t work anymore like they did.

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There have been several structural changes to the HomeKit code which results in the observed behavior. We’ll be reviewing it and let you know how to proceed.

Hello Juergen,

Is there any update on this topic? I was ready to add a feature request for this exact situation before I found this post. It would be very handy to be able to unlock the door from my Apple Watch when the smart doorbell has been rung.

I think this behavior is due to homekit. Homekit simply only knows two states, open and close. So whenever you tell siri to open an already opened door, the behavior to do nothing is working as designed. Thats the reason why I use my Homebridge plugin instead of the native Nuki Homekit.