HomeKit support for nuki Opener

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nuki Opener


HomeKit support for nuki Opener


nuki Opener should show up in HomeKit and could be controlled from there.


Would be comfortable.


Why is nuki Opener currently not compatible with HomeKit and is it planned?

Nuki Opener uses Bluetooth and Apple no longer requires specific hardware for HomeKit devices, so it should be technically possible to make Nuki Opener directly compatible with HomeKit without the need for the Bridge. By supporting HomeKit, the Nuki Opener could be controller over the Internet using a HomeKit Hub, such as an Apple TV or HomePod. HomeKit support would also enable many of the current feature requests related to automation and geofencing.


I’d love opening events or call events so doorbell could be played from homepods, or garden light could be triggered on, or start a camera recording, or receive notifications, or … yes, a solid homekit integration would be great. My vote here.

Of course, identifying the intercom caller was used when multiple doors are in place, otherwise, which light should I set on ?) (support for multiple doors, please. Basic things first :wink: )


Update to the state of affairs regarding HomeKit support:
Currently it’s not possible to add official HomeKit support to the Opener as Apple does not provide an appropriate profile for it because it’s neither a lock, nor doorbell, nor switch, nor power plug. Therefore Apple doesn’t certify the Opener.

However, there is unofficial support available through Homebridge:


Hey there,

I‘m using the plugin by Lukas and it works great. But there’s one issue. The HomeKit doorbell notification is “always on” and is not dependent on the ring suppression settings in the Nuki app. This means, the doorbell always notifies when someone is ringing. If you use “Ring to Open” with your home mates, it would be much better if it only notifies when someone unknown is ringing. This is the reason why Nuki has added the ring suppression setting.

I have no idea if this is optimizations could be done at the plugin or Nukis API.

I added a switch today, that makes it possible to suppress door ring in homekit. You can use automations the to disable it. Maybe that helps. Just to make it clear. It will not change the Nuki setting as there is no API for this.