Homekit Open Door

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Smart Lock 2.0


HomeKit switch for Open Door


In Homekit you can Lock/Unlock door but cant Open Door, so it would be great feature.


I could use automations with Homekit with it.

Thank you, Mitja

Hi @Mitja_Klemencic,

you might want to check my feature request at Make HomeKit/Nuki mapping selectable to enable users to trigger the “Unlock” command to the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 instead of triggering the “Open Door” command and vote for it - this describes in detail the functionality which we would both like to see inplemented.

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hi , you can try to set an automation in homekit to unlock + open when lock is set unlocked.

when door unlocked then activate scene with unlock door . when now the door set to unlock it send the unlock command again. that works on some other locks but can t say if nuki do the same .

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Hi @Strike2001,
unfortunately this won‘t work for all doors.

If the door where NUKI is mounted has a bar or a knob, the door will not only be unlocked, but actively opened by the unlock command alone.

If any HomeKit user or automation trigger this activity by accident (and no one is at home or recognizes that the door has been opened), the door will potentially be left wide open.

For these kinds of doors, the current HomeKit implementation is a massive security risk and must be addressed. I can’t understand how this feature could ever be released by NUKI without addressing this critical issue first.

All details are clearly described in my feature request. I would much appreciate if you can add your vote for it.

Thank you!

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I know that there can be a risk but with the right ios app you can define it more detailed . in my first days with smartlocks Nello and a Danalock v3zw i used it in combination with beacon , third virtual lock that acts as activate for the real locks + counterdown
that you must pressed the second unlock device in 5sec , if not or if you pressed the real lock button it does nothing :wink: this + 2 motion sensors that must go on in 15 sec after wirst door is unlocked + Geofence that must left and enter again . is the max combination that i used . worked well but must be :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: . but now nello
gone , switched to the opener + bridge best opinion i must sayed :ok_hand: next would be the … Danalock that mean after some time i forget the lock positions :rofl: +!third device change same error . no more words :-1: next could be a nuki smartlock but i comes a new door this year maybe full motorized :thinking: but this can nuki not handle at this time ( the door module give feedback over wires for the multipoint e.lock state and sensors motorstates for open/closing the door , the opener i hope can do this in future . in relais modus where you have a input for unlock / lock impulse + doorstate ( opening ,is open …) + doorbell / door-call :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: ( same can act for open garage + doorstate ,… electronic rooftops … but that a thema for the support , if the technical side from opener can act so , :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am curious about the limitation of Homekit for Lock.
If the door is currently unlocked and close, is that possible open the door with pressing only one button and only once with the Homekit API?
Now, if the door is unlocked, I need to lock it first, and then, unlock it to open the door (by setting in the Nuki app).

Homekit only knows two states, opened and closed. So if you push an opened door but it will always close the door and vice versa. Virtual locks are not allowed for official apple homekit support. In my homebridge plugin homebridge-nukiio I do it exactly like this. You definently need this for automations and daily use. But Nuki cannot do much about this. The only thing they could do is to make the behavior changeable within the app. But either setting has a restriction either for automation or daily use.

Hi @benzman81,
would you mind to explain what the term „virtual lock“ means in this context?
Thank you in advance!

For me, a virtual lock is a lock that does not represent a hardware lock. Since Homekit only knows „unlock“ and „lock“ for the hardware lock, a second virtual lock or button would be needed for either „open“ and „lock“ or just „open“. This is not allowed by apple and so only solvable with some extra code like my homebridge-nukiio plugin does.

It completely baffles me that this has been still, after more than 2 years, not addressed. They market Nuki as “works with HomeKit” everywhere, but this is a major concern, and they just decided to ignore it. I’m really disappointed with how this has been handled - instead of trying to find a solution, they argue here in this forum with me why it is fine the way it is.