HomeKit notification when I lock a locked lock

This may sound strange, but HomeKit actually lets you lock a locked lock and unlock an unlocked lock, both using the Home app interface (i.e. slide up and down a lock without releasing the finger) or activating a scene or using Siri too. I have some scenes and automations which lock my Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 (i.e. when I leave home or at night) and, whenever these scenes get activated I get a “locked” notification from HomeKit whether the lock was already locked or not.
Let me explain with an example:

  • I left my home and use the lock’n’go feature double clicking the button: as soon the lock locks, I get the first “locked” HomeKit notification.
  • After a while HomeKit realizes I’m not home and sets off an automation which enables the security system and locks the lock just in case… the lock is already locked, but I always get a “locked” notification.

IMHO, if it’s the HomeKit Accessory implementation which fires the event, it should fire the “locked” one only if it goes from unlocked state to locked, not if you lock and already locked lock.
For the “unlocked” event… it depends on what you decide to do with Make HomeKit/Nuki mapping selectable to enable users to trigger the “Unlock” command to the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 instead of triggering the “Open Door” command… this would lead to interesting considerations (i.e. sending a notification if you unlock an unlocked lock for unlatching).

Thank you in advance.

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