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Smart Lock 2.0


HomeKit Contact Sensor


In addition to the HomeKit accessory implementing the lock service I’d like to have a contact sensor service for the same accessory or a new additional accessory with contact sensor service, using data from the magnetic door sensor.


We can use the HomeKit contact sensor to monitor the status of the door, get notifications and make automations.


Get a notification when the door is actually opened and trigger automations, i.e. setting off a siren if a security system is in “Away” or “Night” mode or turn on a welcome light.

I am amazed this is not already implemented. (I have therefore upvoted your request.)

However as an (expensive) workaround you could use an additional HomeKit compatible door sensor.

Yeah, I know, I am a homebridge (and Tasmota, RavenCore, HAA, etc.) fan/advanced user so I’m not restricted to native HomeKit sensors, i.e. I integrated z-wave in my setup, but… c’mon, it’s there, let us use it :smiley:


Is the door/contact sensor ever coming to HomeKit?? I use homebridge and could use the webhooks with a plugin to only expose the door sensor but I’m trying to rely less, not more, on homebridge.


Having seen this I’m still wondering the same. It shouldn’t be that hard. Could you please expose it? Thank you!

As often with HomeKit the problem is not Nuki but the HomeKit specification: It does not know and allow locks with integrated door sensor. Therefore the door sensor would need to be a separate device exposed by the Smart Lock to HomeKit, which is not possible because only bridges can expose several devices.

But there are accessories that expose multiple services right? For example, a temperature sensor often exposes humidity and such. A camera typically exposes motion sensors as well, and so on, all without additional bridges.

What’s the limitation behind the lock exposing a contact sensor when compared to other accessories?

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Good point. Last time we evaluated it, it did not work properly though (which was when the battery service was added back in 2020).

Could you please consider adding it now? It should be an easy and valuable addition for HK users. :slight_smile:


Same like my request:

please do it:)


Bitte tun Sie es :slight_smile:


Please do it. :slight_smile:


Any news on this ? Would be really appreciated ! :slight_smile: