HomeKit Contact Sensor

Product name

Smart Lock 2.0


HomeKit Contact Sensor


In addition to the HomeKit accessory implementing the lock service I’d like to have a contact sensor service for the same accessory or a new additional accessory with contact sensor service, using data from the magnetic door sensor.


We can use the HomeKit contact sensor to monitor the status of the door, get notifications and make automations.


Get a notification when the door is actually opened and trigger automations, i.e. setting off a siren if a security system is in “Away” or “Night” mode or turn on a welcome light.

I am amazed this is not already implemented. (I have therefore upvoted your request.)

However as an (expensive) workaround you could use an additional HomeKit compatible door sensor.

Yeah, I know, I am a homebridge (and Tasmota, RavenCore, HAA, etc.) fan/advanced user so I’m not restricted to native HomeKit sensors, i.e. I integrated z-wave in my setup, but… c’mon, it’s there, let us use it :smiley:


Is the door/contact sensor ever coming to HomeKit?? I use homebridge and could use the webhooks with a plugin to only expose the door sensor but I’m trying to rely less, not more, on homebridge.