Homekit 16.2 iOS Nuki only lock door

Got a problem with HomeKit. Talk to Siri open door, Siri lock down the door. 2. try say Siri open door Siri answer door is locked. Does anybody got a solution?

Not a Nuki problem I’d say, locks for Siri are agnostic from brands. So… maybe better to post this on a Homekit community

But if I had to guess “unlock the door” would be a more proper command

I’m almost certain Siri, and Alexa for that matter, will not process ‘unlock’ commands as a security measure (else anyone from outside your home can simply unlock your doors!)

Siri works perfect 2-3 weeks ago. Now I got the problem, not sure about IOS 16.2

You’re wrong, at least for Alexa. Alexa does unlock and open the door, but you need an extra passcode for that.

Fair enough with Alexa, though I strongly suspect that depends on the lock.

For Siri:

  • *Check the status of a security accessory:*You can use HomePod to lock or check the status of door locks and other HomeKit security accessories. Say something like “Hey Siri, is the front door locked?” To unlock security accessories, you must use your iOS or iPadOS device because unlocking requires authentication using Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode.

From Control your home with Siri on HomePod – Apple Support (UK)

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I had such issues a long time ago, after a while it was magically solved without device updates. So I guess it was server side siri handling. Now, while siri is handled mostly locally, it might be iOS update. If everthing works via home app its definetly not a nuki issue.

Yes I think not a problem from Nuki. I guess 16.2 makes the mistake. Hope, it will run normal after a while. thanks for the request.

Apple crash all open/close functions with the 16.2 Update even with rolling shutter.
So wait and see.
You can make a shortcut “open the door” instead.

Hi Gerard many thanks. Can you give me please introduction for the shortcut?

easy, open app “shortcuts” (i hope it’s the english name, i’m french !!),
search for “Home app”, select accessories “your lock name”, give a name as “open, the front door” and that’s set.
Due to security reason, this shortcut works only in bluetooth proximity with the lock.

You have to autorise shortcuts in the NuKI app.

Hi Gerard, many thanks.
I am German :slight_smile: I try, but I got a bridge , the shortcut works with the wifi?
May you show fotos for the introduction .
Open shortcuts, then home app can’t find the lock.

your lock should be added to your HomeKit first. Then, you just select it in the list of home app.

I c’ant add a video to this topic.

I got a tempery solution, but this is not nice.
If you say Siri Door open it works, if you say Siri open door doesn’t work.
But I don’t wanna say door open i wanna say open door.
With the shortcuts you got some picture for introduction?

and then, give the name “open door” to this shortcut

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Hi Gerard, many thanks for your work.
I try later hope it works!

I think somewhere is a mistake

Our latest beta version has improved support for Shortcuts. Please follow this thread: APP UPDATE: Nuki iOS App 2024.2.1-Beta (Improved Shortcuts)