Holding the latch even when the doors are unlocked

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NUKI smart lock (app)


With ball on the outside of the doors is nonsense buying this smart lock, because when doors are already unlocked, (someone is already at home), you cannot easily open the doors. U have to use keys, knock to someone who’s in, or do procedure of locking up and unlocking for holding the latch feature.


I think that most of europeans who live in some flat etc., is ball on the outside of the door convention. For example our daily routine is that when first person comes home, he just close the doors and that’s it, because there’s no way somebody could open it from the outside because of the ball. Some people don’t even lock the doors when they’re leaving, because locking and rolling the keys in the keyhole is just something that is just unnecessary work for them, and the doors are secured from opening it without the keys.


For me, and I think for many others is buying of this smart lock a nonsense. Because the benefit of its features has just 2 persons, the one who’s at home first, and the one who’s leaving as last. With ball from outside, we are opening our doors with keys, which just hold the latch, AND THER IS NO OTHER WAY of opening it (without touch from person inside).


When you’re not the only guy in your home, u can open the doors without person inside or without keys, by using the app.

U can open the doors with benefit. (opening it with procedure of locking and unlocking just for holding the latch is more complicated than using the keys, what is the reason i want this smart lock, I just don’t want to carry keys)

I don’t what to install handle on the outside of the door, because I live in block of flats.

I’m talking about situations with door ball, it’s not a doors knob. Door ball is static and can’t be used for opening the doors by rolling it.

What you describe here is of course something the Smart Lock can do. You just have to select “knob or bar” in the Smart Lock administrations “door fitting” section or when asked during the installation.


So when my doors are closed and unlocked, I can just hit unlock button in homekit app or in nuki app and smart lock will recognise that i just want to hold the latch without unlocking process? (turning the keys for 360°)
Support has told me that it is not possible.

Yes for the Nuki App.

HomeKit might require you to lock before unlatching.

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Hello Vaclav,

I use this settings in my nuki. You have set lock in setting (“Zvolit dveřní kování” + “Doba uvolnění západky”).

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Ye, I believe you, it’s just that support on nuki website told me to write it down here, because that is something nuki smart lock can’t do.