Help with Bitron Video MV1000 installation (opener)

Hi there,

I need some help if possible for the ring detection.
I have a Bitron Video MV1000 that is not supported by Nuki Opener.
In this case i tried the generic analogue way with 50% success (please check pictures attached)
I am able to open the door connecting the ground correctly (purple and black) and the blue wire in the “Open” input of the intercom.
However I can’t detect the ring signal correctly.
The only input where I detect the ring is the same of the “Open” input but in this case when I ring my neighbors bell it will detect too.
I started to search and I read here that it may be possible to put the Nuki opener to detect the ring from the speaker. I sent attached a picture of the speaker where my bell rings so that we can check if it is possible to make that change in my Nuki and see if it works.
I have a multimeter if we need to check voltage diference on connection “P” of the diagram (instead of connecting it to speaker)

Thank you,

@pedror99 Hi Pedro,

I have the same setup in my new place (Bitron Video mv1000), and unfortunately my Niki opener is still not supported. Did you make yours work 100% and if yes can you share the connection diagram? Much appreciated!

Yes you can do this! Just disconnect one of the speaker cables and connect the yellow opener wire with it, and then connect the green opener wire to the pin where you disconnected the speaker cable at first, to close the ring circuit! Test it also with the second pin where the speaker cables are attached to the speaker, if there are issues with the first one!


I have the same setup but cannot get it to detect when I ring the intercom. I don’t understand why can you please share your cable setup? I might have missed something.

I can successfully open the door using the Nuki app or button but I need to detect the ring if possible