Help on Web API notification

Hi all,
I need help on how to use Web API notification. Specifically, how does it work and how do you setup notification using Web API? Also I will appreciate more description of the query parameters e.g. referenceid, pushid etc.


Hi Ike!

If you are refering to the /notification endpoint options in the Web API: This is still in beta and not suitable for use in production systems. If you still want to Beta test it feel free to send me a PM with your intention on how and what you want to use it for.

@Stephan Is the /notification endpoint still in beta? And what do I have to do to use it anyway?



@joeberlin123 Yes, it is still in Beta. I will send you a PM how to test it atm.


@Stephan We would also be interested in testing this beta feature. Would you mind send us an invite as well?

Sure. Will send you a PM later today.

@Stephan I’m also very interested in testing this beta feature. Would you mind sending me an invite as well?

Hi @Stephan,
Can you please send me info about the beta test we would like to try and help as well.
Viktor Pári
CodeAntz Ltd.

@viktor.pari I sent you a PM with some details on how to start with the current Beta.

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I also would like to use the notification APIs even in beta


Webhooks for the Web API are already publicly released.


You can apply for it from