Help configuring Opener with Fermax 3393


I have the Fermax 3393.
I followed the instructions in the app and tested several times (reconnecting, deleting and findingdevice again, wired everything before plugging in the opener, after plugging it in…) yet no opening signal is ever received when testing with both configurations.
I find suspicious that in the wiring scheme for 3393 the app is asking to connect the Nuki red wire to “wire 6” in my intercom. There are only 5 wires in 3393.

I assumed it would be the 5th one (since it is not mentioned in the other connections) but this did not help either.

Anyone has any ideas? I thought this would be an easy analog 4+N system - whatever that means - and could be set up in no time. But I cannot find any info in the forums with steps from someone who has managed, which is strange.

Thanks in advance!

This is the model

Original wiring

App asks me to connect position 4 to Nuki yellow. The cable in position 4 has +3.5 volts when tested with cable in position 1, and when you press the open button they are shorted, so I thought this could be the right cable indeed.

But then it asks to connect all other cables and it mentions position 6, which does not exist

I first tried leaving the red cable disconnected. No luck
Then I tried connecting it to the last one in position 5, since there is no mention to position 5.
No luck either. Any ideas?

OK. Got it successfully configured in both modes after finding the Fermax PDF manual.
In the manual it numbers the connections as 1,2,3,4 and 6 form right to left.
The app uses the same numbering, but it does not tell you that you should check the PDF manual from Fermax 3393 and use the same numbering!
Isn’t that crucial info? otherwise one would think that numbering starts from left to right. Or maybe it’s just me…
Anyway, for those struggling with 3393, start counting your cables from right to left, and remember: ther is no cable 5.
You should get it successfully configured when you open in the app and when you ring the doorbell.
Good luck!
Link to the manual:
3393 is the ‘basic’ configuration

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